Bed Bug Inspectors
Bed Bugs Chicago
We inspect in commercial and residential spaces in proactive and reactive scenarios

We are a canine scent detection service that inspects property for "live bed bug infestations" with the use of dog handling teams. Located in Chicago, we will make inspections in Illinois and surrounding states of Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa.

The bed bug is an extremely uncomforting pest that has made a comeback. Any bed bug pest abatement method begins by locating infested areas. When it comes to locating infested areas due to secretive nature of the bed bug, our bed bug dog teams outperform human visual inspections. To efficiently treat, you must efficiently detect. We are those detectives.

By choosing Detective Bed Bug as your bed bug inspectors, you can expect that our certified canine handling teams efficiently and effectively detect the presence of live bed bug activity. We inspect in residential and commercial spaces and are respectfully discreet.

Our staff has 12 years of property management experience that can assist in the practicality of coordination. You can expect information that will help you to easily set-up an inspection for bed bugs in Chicago or the surrounding areas. We will promptly provide comprehensive reporting that will become a valuable tool to you and your pest control operator that will identify areas of infestation.

While we cannot prevent bed bugs from entering into our environments because of their portability and resilience, how we react to these situations is critical. Winning the fight against bed bugs is possible and early detection provides you the best advantage.
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