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Scientists have studies proving that a dog's nose has 220 million olfactory receptors in their nose, as a comparative reference a human has only 5 million. You may reference Alabama A&M University for in-depth research information. To attempt to efficiently detect high percentages of bed bugs without scent canines is beyond human visual capability.

The Basic Workings of Our Inspection:
Our one-scent discipline "live bed bug" canine handling teams have been certified by World Detector Dog Organization. The detective work for bed bugs in Chicago begins with a free no-obligation phone interview. With expertise, we discuss the situation that you are dealing with.

When you book an inspection, you receive helpful information on how to prepare. On the inspection date, our trained canine handing team inspects those areas decided on in the phone interview.

Our handlers are certified to handle more than one dog to ensure a fresh nose on your project area.  We verify our findings with handlers that perform visual confirmations and if no visual is obtainable other canines are utilized to verify.

We produce a detailed report of results within 48-hours of the findings of the inspection, and urge you to have your pest appointment on standby because the infestation could change greatly if left untreated

Our dogs are dedicated on this one-scent discipline and when not in the field, they sniff out LIVE bed bugs daily, to supplement their daily allowance of food. 

No one system provides 100% accuracy and bugs that may escape our visual detection may be found by a bed bug sniffing dog and vice versa.

The use of canines for detecting scent is not a new technology but a proven methodology.  Canine scent detection plays a valuable role in a well balanced bed bug management plan.

Bed Bug Dog Detective
The primary factors for choosing our bed bug dog inspection method are the race against time and it is the very best bed bug detection method.

TIME ~ If left undetected; the greater the infestation, the deeper and more inset harborage areas, the more likely unsalvageable decor, the more likely the harborage areas will exist behind walls which all LEADS TO MORE COST TO YOU TO ABATE. Time is of essence when a female bedbug can lay 5 eggs daily.

BEST ~ The long and short of it is that dogs produce results up to 90% accurate by use of their noses where as the human counterpart bed bug inspectors are 35% accurate with the use of their eyes, flashlight and a magnifying glass.

Dogs can deliver results 85% faster. A basic hotel room, human at 1 hour and dog at 15 minutes and this includes a second canine to verify a positive alert, as well as proper documentation.
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